S4E3: Geocaching Downunder – A Look at Geocaching in Australia

Australia, the place on Earth where everything is trying to kill you. Or is it? What exactly is it like to geocache in Australia? What better way to find out then by talking with an Australian geocacher? Jon me this episode as I talk with Teri-Ann, Australian geocachers and host of the Geocaching Downunder podcast, as we talk about her podcast and she answers my very American questions about geocaching in Australia and if coconut crabs ever steal geocaches.

Places and Things Mentioned
Geocaching Downunder Podcast (Apple podcast)
Geocaching Downunder Podcast (YouTube)

Timestamp Outline
0:50 – Introducing Teri-Ann, host of the Geocaching Downunder podcast
2:45 – The Geocaching Downunder podcast
9:06 – Geocaching in Australia
35:35 – Accent Challange

Geocaching Downunder Podcast Socials

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