An Ode to Trackables

By Shadowdragn1

I send my trackables into the world 
To places so far away  
Out on adventures across the globe  
Where I hope to go some day 

So beautiful and special they are  
I wish that they could stay  
But that’s not how it’s meant to be  
So I send them on their way 

I place each one with loving care   
Hoping it will be found  
Travel far and safe my trackables  
As cachers move you around 

To new locations on the map  
I watch their journey go  
Will they make it to their mission?  
I do not truly know 

With hopeful expectations  
I watch and watch and wait  
Checking on their web pages  
To try and see their fate 

So many questions that I have  
As I watch it roam 
Will it get lost along the way? 
Will it make it home? 

So if you find a trackable  
Move it if you dare  
Know that someone’s watching it  
And treat them all with care