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My son and I finding out 100th geocache

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As with all people there area lot of aspects to my life. I’m a wife, a mom, and a full time aerospace design engineer with interest in lots of different areas. One of them is obviously geocaching. While I enjoy geocaching very much, I perhaps like many others, don’t get to go as often as I would like to. But when I do get to go I absolutely love it. I’ve been lucky enough to share it some with my son and I recently introduced my mom to the game. While my husband is a muggle, he is willing to tag along to explore different places with me from time to time.

I started this podcast as a fun way to share my love of geocaching and as a way to explore the game. It has also been a great learning experience for me as it has allowed to me learn a lot about that game that I didn’t know.

It’s probably obvious that Shadowdragn1 isn’t my real name (it’s actually Amie). But since this podcast is all about geocaching, why not just use my geocaching name. But why choose Shadowdragn1? Well back in my early internet days (i.e. middle school) I was trying to create a screen name for something (I think it may have been for a character name in an AOL RPG chatroom) and I was having trouble finding a username that wasn’t already taken by someone else. After several unsuccessful attempts, I come up with Shadowdragon which of course was taken. A friend who was with me at the time suggested dropping out the “o” in dragon because it “looks cooler” so I tried Shadowdragn. It too was taken. In a last ditch effort I added the 1 creating Shadowdragn1 and, as amazing it seemed to me at the time, it was actually available. Thus the username Shadowdragn1 was born. I kept using it as years passed because one, it was easy for me to remember, and two, it so far has always been available whenever I’ve tried to use it. While for me it congers up images of a large black dragon slinking around in the shadows, it also makes me remember a simple moment in time when I was sitting with an old friend at a computer, having no idea that a screen name could follow you for so long.