S4E2: Liar Liar – Lairs Geocaches Explained

There are so many different types of geocaches with sub-types of several of them. One of those sub-types is called a liars geocache. These are a fun twist on a geocache where the finder gets a chance to get creative. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe this is a new concept to you. You may even have several lairs geocaches in your find count. Whatever the case, join me and returning guest Lee Katz as we dig into what these geocaches are all about.

Liars Cache (Geocaching Wiki)

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Timestamp Outline
0:50 – Introducing return guest Lee Katz, VarofHarken
2:10 – What is a liars geocache?
12: 29 – Liars geocaches and challenges
21:43 – Logging a liars geocache
35:03 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “DNF Magazine’s BEST DNF

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