Meet Starr the Geocaching Goat

Starr is our pet Nigerian dwarf goat. Like many pets she is well loved and fairly spoiled. I absolute love dwarf goats and some how convince my husband a pet goat was a good idea. And I was right. Starr, like all pets, has brought a lot of joy (and a little frustration) to our lives. She is very mild temper and does well with being handled. When we first got her we noticed how she brought joy to people everywhere we took her, the Farm and Home Supply store, the local fair, the park, everyone loved her. We wanted to share this joy with others so we registered her as a therapy goat and wanted to take her to nursing homes. We tried once or twice to schedule visits to places local nursing homes but the coordinators seems skeptical and although took business cards, nothing ever panned out. Between that and out weekends being so busy I didn’t feel we’d be able to commit to many visits so that idea got scrapped.

Starr does still bring joy wherever she goes. She walks well on a leash and enjoys visits to our local Petco and Farm and Home Supply store as well as occasional trips to the park. But mostly she hangs out with us and our dogs. She spend days hanging outside in the yard with the dogs and evenings she dons a diaper follows the dogs inside. She enjoys scratches behind the ears and between the horns and loves to cuddle. She even enjoys a good geocache from time to time (as long as she can nibble some grass while we do it).

Home Life

As I said she is well loved and fairly spoiled. From a her owner goat tower to snuggles on the couch, walks with her herd, and branches placed around her shelter for “goat enrichment”, she is one happy goat.

Missouri Records GC9FEE

Out geocaching with GeoGoat. Went to this virtual cache that showed the high water mark for the 1993 flood.

Super Goaty Goat GC8HDKN

When I decided to hide some caches, I let my son help pick the name. He picked Super Goaty Goat. It originally was a waterproof lock box but when a flash flood washed the container away, Super Goaty Goat got a super upgrade. Of course we had to model if after Starr. Now staked down and chain to a tree, this goat shouldn’t wonder off.

Follow Along

Although they don’t have a “Log My Goat” tag, the “Log My Dog” tag works just as well. Discover #GEOGOAT and follow along on her adventures.