The biweekly podcast where I, Shadowdragn1, talk about geocaching and share my adventures with it.

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One thought

  1. Hey! I just wanted to drop you a note- a friend of mine lead me to this podcast because I was mentioned by Nick and Kelly- I’m salz69. Very cool!! Clearing things up i have around 133,000 finds, not 169,000 – that would just be crazy, lol.
    I dont listen to many podcasts, I’ve been on a few – I’m good friends with Scott Berks, Jason Hale and Niel Moore, all have podcasts. But now ill subscribe to yours, and will gladly help in any way I can- feel free to contact me- salz69.ls@gmail.com. I believe your podcast comes from St Louis- i grew up 50 east of there- Centralia IL. Good luck with your show!!
    Lee Salisbury- salz69

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