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S2E22: Whereisitnow!

You may recall me mentioning the Whereisitnow! podcast a few times. Or maybe you’ve seen a few post on the Facebook page and group with links to certain episodes. It’s a geocaching podcast that I personally enjoy and finally the stars have aligned (or rather our schedules have) to have host and geocacher, Mike a.k.a…

S2E21: Cemetery Caches

Some people love cemeteries, some find them creepy, and some geocache in them. Join me and and my guest, fellow geocacher and podcaster, Leah as we explore geocaching in cemeteries, the difference between a cemetery and graveyard, and some of the history behind them. Click here to listen to S2E21 Places and Thing Mentioned– Bellefontain…

S2E20: Handi-Cache Geo-Art and More

Three geocachers have band together and created an entirely handicap accessible geo-art. What was their inspiration behind it? Friendship. It’s a touching story of three friends who created the series for a friend who became wheelchair bound after a stroke. But this isn’t their first geo-art. Join me as I talk with Ray Joe and…

S2E19: The Geocaching Vlogger

Many of us have heard of Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger and seen his videos (if not, check it out, he’s got some cool ones). His excitement and love for the game shows in this videos and and you can hear it in his voice when he talks about it and its contagious. This episode I…


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  1. Hey! I just wanted to drop you a note- a friend of mine lead me to this podcast because I was mentioned by Nick and Kelly- I’m salz69. Very cool!! Clearing things up i have around 133,000 finds, not 169,000 – that would just be crazy, lol.
    I dont listen to many podcasts, I’ve been on a few – I’m good friends with Scott Berks, Jason Hale and Niel Moore, all have podcasts. But now ill subscribe to yours, and will gladly help in any way I can- feel free to contact me- salz69.ls@gmail.com. I believe your podcast comes from St Louis- i grew up 50 east of there- Centralia IL. Good luck with your show!!
    Lee Salisbury- salz69

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