S4E4: EarthCaches

EarthCaches. Maybe you love them. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by them. Maybe you don’t know what to think. But Jay, AKA LANMonkey, is passionate about them and after talking hearing him talk about them, I’m ready to go out and tackle some more. Join us this episode while we tackle the ins and outs of EarthCaches. From the very basics of what they are and how they got started to achievements for finding them and International EarthCache day, we dive into the world of EarthCaches.

Places and Things Mentioned
Earthcache I (first every EarthCache, cache page)
This is Planet Earth (podcast mini series)
One Minute of Peace – Devil’s Bath Cenote, BC (YouTube video)

Geocaching Types (geocaching.com)
EarthCache (geosociety.org)
EarthCache Achievements (geosociety.org)
Planetary Geology and EarthCache Sites (geosociety.org)
EarthCache – Creating your own (geosociety.org)

Timestamp Outline
1:05 – Introducing Jay, AKA LANMokey
3:32 – What are EarthCaches and how did they get started?
8:15 – How to create EarthCaches
13:51 – EarthCaches and kids
19:29 – EarthCaching achievements and souvenirs
23:49 – Advice for placing an EarthCache
28:33 – International EarthCache day/weekend
31:50 – EarthCache Book coming soon
35:03 – Cache highlight 1
40:44 – Cache highlight 2


Cache Highlight 1: “Fraser River Plume
Cache Highlight 2: “Devil’s Bath Cenote

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