S4E5: Letterbox Geocaches

Letterboxing is a very old location based game that came along well before satellites and GPS. While it some similarities, geocaching was developed entirely independent from it. That didn’t stop the two from merging into what we now know as letterbox geocaches. But what exactly is a letterbox geocache and how does it differ from all the others? Join me and my Guest, Joseph, aka SirDrumalot, as we take a look at this unique geocache type.

Places and Things Mentioned
SirDrumalot YouTube Channel
4 Geocaches, 1 Yard (YouTube Video)
AtlasQuest.com (Letterboxing site)

First Letterbox Geocache (cache page)
Letterboxing North America

Timestamp Outline
1:05 – Introducing fellow geocacher and vlogger, SirDrumalot
4:37 – SirDrumalot the Geocacher YouTube Channel
14:04 – Letterbox Geocaches
32:01 – Cache Highlight


Cache Highlight: “Hattiesburg GeoTour

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