SWAG Stones




SWAG stones are glass stones, approximately 3/4″ in size (some stones my vary in size).  Sold as a pack of 5.  There are a total of 15 designs.  Each set of 5 will contain 5 different designs.  Packs may vary.  If ordering more than one pack you may receive duplicate designs.  Each stone comes in individual zip-lock bags.

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Weight 0.1 kg

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  1. I Received Your Package in the Mail yesterday.
    Thank you For The Prompt Shipping.
    The Swag Stones Are a Perfect Way to add that special Touch to Any Cache.
    Glad that you have Taken the Time to put these Together.
    I Have Seen Many Variations of the Same Thing I Once Constructed some of these Myself it was right before we headed out To Mingo .
    My Swag was constructed out of the same style of stones but with Cut out Smileys from the Geocaching Map My Finds.
    Keep Up The Good Work

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