S4E10: GeoWoodstock, Interview with an Organizer

Every year there are many mage geocaching events held all over the world. GeoWoodstock was the very first mega geocaching event ever to be held. It has a long history and many stories behind it. But it’s more than just an event, it’s also the legacy of a geocacher who wanted to build the geocaching community. In this episode, I talk with Brad Simmons, spokesman for the board of GeoWoodstock and former event host, to learn about the history behind this mega event and what it’s all about.

Places and Things Mentioned
GeoWoodstock XIX-2023 (Geocache page)
GeoWoodstock (Official Website)
GeoWoodstock 4 (First ever mega event, geocache page))

– “World’s largest geocaching caching event coming to Owensboro in May 2023” (The Owensboro Times)

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Timestamp Outline
1:05 – Introducing Brad Simmons, fellow geocacher and spokesman for GeoWoodstock
3:35 – What is GeoWoodstock?
11:28 – Choosing a location
17:05 – Side events
23:45 – What makes GeoWoodstock Unique
29:49 – GeoWoodstock XIX
32:54 – How the selection process works
44:5 – It’s about the community
52:42 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Can’t Stop The Signal

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