S4E9: Mingo, the World’s Oldest Active Geocache

Do you know what the oldest active geocache is? With over 2 million active geocaches in the world, the honor of this title goes to Mingo, GC30. With nearly (at the time of release) 23 years worth of history, there are a lot of stories to tell about it. Join me as I talk with fellow geocacher, Ryan Semmel, as we discuss the history of Mingo and take a look at some of its stories.

Places and Things Mentioned
Mingo, KS
Mingo (GC30) (Geocache Page)
Mingo Madness (FaceBook Page)
Mingo Tribute Plaque (Geocache Page)

Timestamp Outline
1:05 – Introducing fellow geocacher Ryan Semmel
2:55 – Mingo, the world’s oldest active geocache
16:58 – Some Mingo troubles
21:32 – Tribute plaque
34:28 – Mingo Madness
47:42 – Mingo book in the works
55:45 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Mingo

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