S4E1: Observing Earth – JPSS & LandSat in Lompoc GeoTour

A mix of geocaching and space exploration? Yes please! GeoTours add a unique geocaching experience to areas by working with local commerce and local geocaches to create a tour highlighting an area. But one GeoTour has taken things to the next level by creating a learning experience that explores the JPSS and LandSat satellites. Join me as I talk with Julie Hoover, from NASA’s JPSS program, and Jeff Caulfield, from Geocaching HQ, to learn more about this unique and exciting GeoTour.

Places and Things Mentioned
JPSS & Landsat in Lompoc GeoTour (Cache Page)
Planetary Geology and EarthCache Sites
International Space Station (Cache Page)
– “The First Geocaching First-To-Find In Space” (Geocaching.com Blog)
– “Geocaching and NASA head to Mars with the Perseverance Rover” (Geocaching.com Blog)

Timestamp Outline
1:22 – Introducing Julie Hoover from NASA and Jeff Caulfield from Geocaching HQ
4:44 – GeoTour basics
7:01 – JPSS and LandSat basics
12:07 – JPSS and LandSat geotour, what it is and it’s creation
34:00 – GeoTour kid off and community celebration event
39:54 – GeoTour Availability

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