S3E23: Caching Etiquette with Caching in the Northwest

Etiquette is defined as “the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.” But what does that mean in terms or geocaching? Maybe you’re new to the game or maybe you’re a seasoned geocacher with thousands of finds under your belt. No matter what your find count is, we all need to follow some basic etiquette to help making geocaching fun for everyone. Join me as I talk with Chris of the Northwest, one of the host of Caching the Northwest, as we discuss geocaching etiquette from finding and hiding to trackables and SWAG.

Places and Things Mentioned
Caching in the Northwest episode where I talk about geocaching with kids (YouTube)

5 Geocaching Etiquette Tips (Geocaching.com)
Geocaching Etiquette 201: Finding and Logging (Geocaching.com)
Geocaching Etiquette and Courtesies (Geocacher’s Compass)

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Timestamp Outline
0:42 – Introducing Chris form the Caching in the Northwest podcast
4:18 – About the Caching in the Northwest podcast
12:43 – Finding etiquette
31:42 – Hiding etiquette
52:05 – SWAG etiquette
1:02:24 – Trackable etiquette
1:10:31 – Cache highlight

Caching in the Northwest Socials

Cache Highlight: “Where Stairs Go To Die

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