S3E21: EmberQuest – a Geocaching Videogame

Geocaching typically takes place outside but what if there was a video game you could play that would lead you to caches in the real world? Well there is. At least there is for the 31 geocaches that make up the EmberQuest geoart and series. Join me this episode as I talk to Dan Monroe, fellow geocacher and creator of this fun twist on geocaching.

Places and Things Mentioned
EmberQuest: Building an Octane Role Playing Game (Video)
EmberQuest Geoart List
Ultima Online
EmberQuest (Game Link)
Ember Question #1 – Castle Storeroom – Geocache of the Week (geocaching.com blog)

Timestamp Outline
0:50 – Introducing fellow geocacher Dan Monroe
1:59 – EmberQuest, series, Geoart, videogame
9:14 – The Inspiration for EmberQuest
10:33 – What to expect
16:18 – Creating the geoart and publishing the caches
20:31 – Game stats
24:22 – Advice for adding a video game component
33:00 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Zany Squirrell – GeoQuest, Chapter 1

My EmberQuest Stats

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