S3E20: Wherigo Geocaches Explained

A wherigo is a unique type of geocache. They have a physical container like a traditional cache and immerse you in unique experience a bit like an adventure lab. They are truly one or a kind. However, they also present some unique challenges. From trying to create a wherigo to trying to load the cartridge, these geocaches are known for frustrating geocahers. In this episode, I talk with fellow geocacher, Steve Miller, about wherigo geocaches. We take a look about how to create them, how to play them, and how they compare to adventure labs.

Wherigo Caches (geocaching.com)
Geocaching 101 – What are Wherigo Geocaches (The Aussie Geocacher, YouTube)
Reverse Wherigo Geocache (Geocaching with Halemeister, YouTube)
How to Load Wherigoes in the Geooh Go App (Geocache Adventures, YouTube)
Loading Wherigoes in the Android Wheryougo App (Geocache Adventures, YouTube)

Timestamp Outline
0:50 – Introducing Steve Miller
6:21 – What are Wherigo geocaches?
9:34 – Some enhanced features of Wherigoes
16:12 – Wherigo vs Adventure Lab
19:39 – Making a Wherigo cartridge
26:48 – Getting Wherigoes to play
29:41 – Reverse Wherigo
34:53 – The cache page, counting towards different challenges, and more
47:53 – Steve’s favorite wherigo creation

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