S3E18: Geocaching Search and Rescue Training

If you listen to this podcast then you know what geocaching is and most of us have probably heard of search and rescue teams before either from the news or TV or movies. But how do the two go together and how do you train dogs to do it? In this episode, I’m joined by returning guest Kitten Davis, to talk about her background in search in rescue and how she uses it, not only for navigation training, but to train dogs for evidence recovery.

Places and Things Mentioned
45 x 90 Club

Polk County, Oregon Search and Rescue Geocaching

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Timestamp Outline
0:50 – Introducing returning guest, Kitten Davis and her search and rescue background
11:55 – Geocaching for dog search and rescue training
24:19 – Picking geocaches for search and rescue dog training
27:46 – Using search and rescue training to find night caches during the say
41:58 – Geocaching for navigation training
51:46 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “World Wide Quarters

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