S3E16: Hiding Geocaches – The Basics and a Cacher’s Experiences

We all love finding geocaches but not everyone loves to hide them. Maybe you’re not sure how to go about hiding a geocache. Well in this episode we cover the basics of how to hide a geocache and even some tips for hiding a geocache. But if you’re a seasoned pro at hiding geocaches, this episode has something for you as well. In this episode I talk to fellow geocacher Trycacheus, from Gilby, North Dakota, the Disney of Geocaching and take a look at some of his gadget cache hides as well as some hides he’s helped others with.

Places and Things Mentioned
Gilby, North Dakota
Driving Miss Daisy Geocache (Video, The Geocaching Vlogger)
ET Bicycle Geocache (Video, Geocaching with Halemeister)

– “How to Hide a Geocache” (Blog Post, Geocaching.com)
– “Geocache Hiding Guidelines” (Official Guidelines, Geocaching.com)
– “What To Do (And Not Do) When Hiding a Geocache” (Video, Geocaching with Halemeister)
– “Geocaching Etiquette 201: Cache Ownership” (Blog Post, Geocaching.com)

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S2E19: The Geocaching Vlogger

Timestamp Outline
1:26 – Intro
3:53 – Hiding basics
6:26 – Tips for getting permission to place a geocache
9:15 – CO expectations
11:03 – Advice for submitting geocaches to a reviewer
12:17 – Trycacheus Hides
25:34 – Building hides for a geotour
31:35 – Building hides for the Pembina Walsh County Historic Trail
34:26 – Trycacheus’ favorite hide
36:03 – Final tips
38:28 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “The Raven’s Labyrinth

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