S3E11: Geocaching on Vacation

Geocaching can take us to come amazing places we may never have seen without it. So it make sense that you may want to plan a vacation around it or use it to amplify your vacation experience. Join me as I explore how to cache on vacation, including what to do ahead of time, and hear some caching on vacation tips from other geocachers.

Places and Things Mentioned
St. Joseph Catholic Church (Jasper, IN)
Brazil Ape Cache
Washington, USA Ape Cache

– “10 Of The Best Cities To Geocaching“, thetravel.com

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Timestamp Outline
0:48 – Before you go
4:53 – Types to consider
14:06 – The 10 best cities to geocaching (from thetravel.com)
16:20 – Tips from other cachers
27:33 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Geode Grotto
Cache Highlight: “Geode Garden

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