S3E10: (Mostly) Live from MOGA 2022

I hit the road (with family in tow) and head to Clark County, IL to attend MOGA 2022. The theme was “Big Things Small Towns”. Spanning across three small towns in Illinois, who are know for hosting some world records for largest things, such as the world’s largest rocking chair and world’s largest gavel (just to name a couple), the theme fit very well. What an amazing time we had exploring the area with adventure labs highlighting so many large things, going through the GPS Maze, and talking with other geocachers at the event. Join me this episode to hear about our trip and hear from other geocacheres while at MOGA, including geocacher, KingAKF, the host of the MOGA.

Places and Things Mentioned
MOGA 2022 (Cache Page)
MOGA (Offical Website)
GPS Maze at MOGA 2022 (Cache Page)
CIGA (Central Illinois Geocachings Association)
MIG (Mid-Illini Geocachers)
SLAGA (St Louise Area Geocachers Association)
I have a Dream… Event (Cache Page, Community event mentioned by Varofharken)
Old Cahokia Creek (Cache Page)
Goecaching with Halemeister (YouTube Channel)

GPS Adventures (GPS.gov)

Timestamp Outline
0:49 – The start of our trip to MOGA 2022
5:04 – GPS Adventure Maze
7:14 – Missing geocaches
11:06 – We check out MOGA HQ
13:04 – I talk with other geocachers at MOGA
18:27 – Some of the things we saw while at MOGA and more missing geocaches
22:07 – I talk with geocachers we met while at a geocache
23:37 – I meet up with Varofharken (Lee Katz from Season 2 Episodes 1, 11, and 16)
26:05 – Cacher Equil’s log from the Old Cahoika Creek geocache
30:07 – Closing ceremony recap
32:07- I meet Halemister (from Geocaching with Halemister vlog) and we solve the mystery of the missing geocaches
35:23 – I meet cacher KingAFK, host of MOGA and learn the history behind it

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