S3E9: Geocaching with Kids – A Geo Mom Round Table

In the world of parenting, where is no manual, and you’re never entirely sure if you’re doing it right, its so reassuring to hear other parents deal with the same things. The same thing is true when it comes to geocaching with kids. Join me as I talk with three other geocaching moms, Angie, Kelsey, and Lanisa as we discuss the joys and struggles of geocaching with kids, geocaching as self care, and even answer from questions from social media.

Places and Things Mentioned
-” Sophia Finds a Geocache” (book)

– “How to Choose the Best Caches for Kids“, by Annika, geocaching.com
– “Three Things to Avoid While Geocaching with Kids“, by Sonny and Sandy from PodCacher.com, geocaching.com
– “The Ultimate Treasure Hunt – Geocaching with Kids“, parentingchaos.com

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– S1E2: Goecaching and Home Schooling
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Timestamp Outline
0:48 – Introducing geocaching mom’s, Angie, Kelsey, and Lanisa
4:56 – Our favorite caches to do with our kids
6:43 – Our kids favorite caches to find
10:59 – The struggles of caches with kids
14:43 – What we wish we knew when we started caching with our kids
25:18 – Questions of caching with kids answered
45:21 – Final advice and tips
47:58 – Cache highlight

Facebook: @GeoJangie
Instagram: @GeoJangie
Blog: Geocaching Jangie

TikTok: chronicallytiredmom
Instagram: @lanisaalmaroad78
YouTube: ChronicallyTiredMom

Instagram: @gcJasperie

Cache Highlight: “The Great Ghillie Version 4.0: KSUS Fighter Jet

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