S3E7: Human Trackables Mini Series Part 3 – Kitten Davis

For the third and final part of the Human Trackables Mini Series, I talk with Kitten Davis. Much like Rich (from part 1) and Amanda (from part 2), Kitten is a human trackable. Unlike Rich and Amanda, Kitten’s trackable is more elusive and can’t be seen by the human eye. In fact, it takes a special ToTT (tool of the trade) to discover it. But don’t worry, she keeps one on hand so if you meet her you can just use hers. Join me as I talk with Kitten to learn more about her unique trackable and her story behind it.

Places and Things Mentioned
Turkey Run Park
– Poulsbo, Washington

– “The scoop on trackable tattoos“, geocaching.com
– “Become Trackable on Geocaching.com – Tattoos to Travel Bugs“, geocaching.com
– “Trackable Tattoos – Never Lost“, geocaching.com

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Timestamp Outline
00:48 – Introducing Kitten Davis, geocacher and human trackable
11:18 – What the trackable is and the story behind it
17:25 – How to discover Kitten’s medical implant
28:34 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “In Memory of My Step Mom

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