S3E5: Human Trackables Mini Series Part 1 – Rich Cunningham

Many geocachers love deploying and discovering trackables but have you ever thought of becoming one? Becoming a human trackable is a trend that is steadily on the rise, with several caches choosing to get tattoos that include a geocaching trackable code. Including my guest, Rich Cunningham, aka GratefulCacher, who is the proud owner of a trackable tattoo. Join me as I talk with Rich and learn his story of becoming a human trackable.

Places and Things Mentioned
Grateful Dead
Geocachers Exploring Oregon (FB group)

– “The scoop on trackable tattoos“, geocaching.com
– “Become Trackable on Geocaching.com – Tattoos to Travel Bugs“, geocaching.com
– “Trackable Tattoos – Never Lost“, geocaching.com

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S1E8: Trackables

Timestamp Outline
0:53 – Introducing Rich Cunningham, human trackable
8:34 – Trackable tattoo, the story behind getting it
17:33 – Grateful Dead geocache series
24:54 – Trackable tattoo, follow up questions

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