S3E3: Geocaching 101 – Writing Good Logs

We all write find logs when we find a geocache or log a trackable. But what makes a good log? What do you include in your logs? How much should you write? Do you add pictures? There’s not a wrong way to write a log and there’s no set rules for what they should include but there are certain things that make a log stand out from others. Join me as I dive into what it takes to write a good log and why they matter.

Places and Things Mentioned
Dittmer, Missouri

– “8 tips to write a great log according to cache owners“, geocaching.com
– “3 reason to write great logs“, geocaching.com
– “5 tips for writing the bet log in the world“, geocaching.com
– “Cut and paste your way to better logs“, geocachetalk.com

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Timestamp Outline
1:00 – Writing good find logs
8:37 – Examples
15:37 – Writing good trackable logs
20:47 – Examples
24:56 – Cache Highlight

Cache Highlight: “GC85ZAY

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