S3E2: Adventure Lab Tips and Tricks

Adventure labs or lab caches are a geocache type that allows for a different type of aspect to the geocaching game and are growing in popularity. But are you really getting the most out of your adventure lab finds? Join me and returning guest Scott Miller, aka GSMx2, as Scott shares with us some of the tips and tricks he has learned for both finding and creating adventure labs.

Places and Things Mentioned
Route 66 Adventure Lab Series
CA Highway 1 Series
Adventure Lab Worksheet
Instructions for completing Adventure Labs offline
Doing Adventure Labs with No Cell Coverage (Video)

Bonus Caches, geocaching.com

Related Episodes
S2E9: Refreshing the Game Board
S2E17: Route 66 Adventure Lab Series

Timestamp Outline
0:44 – Introducing returning guest Scott, GSMx2
2:45 – Route 66 Series check in
7:41 – CA Highway 1 Series
9:08 – Doing adventure labs offline
22:59 – Tips for creating adventure labs
39:34 – Beta testing your adventure labs
42:28 – Bonus caches
53:55 – Tips for when you’re finding adventure labs
56:16 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “The Case of the Fingered Killer (Adventure Lab)
Adventure Lab Bonus: “The Case of the Fingered Killer – AL Bonus

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