S3E1: Challenge Caches with Cache the Line

Maybe you’ve never heard of challenge caches. Maybe you know of them but don’t really know how to go about attempting them. Maybe you love them and they are your favorite kind of cache. Geoff, aka theBruce0 from Cache the Line, loves them. Join me and Geoff as we discuss the ins and out of challenge caches. We take a look at the rules for them, and get a few tips from Geoff himself for finding and logging them.

Places and Things Mentioned
Cache the Line (YouTube Channel)
Project GC

Challenge Cache Definition (Geocaching.com)

Timestamp Outline
0:44 – Intro Geoff from Cache the Line
3:25 – The Cache the Line Vlog
7:22 – What are challenge caches?
9:44 – How to tell which caches are challenge caches
15:21 – Rules for signing physical log vs logging online
16:53 – How to tell if you qualify for challenge caches
20:46 – Rules for hiding challenge caches
25:35 – Tips for trying and completing challenge caches
32:09 – Cache highlight (GC9B8AK)
34:13 – Cache highlight (GCWD13)
39:07 – Cache highlight (GC2D5CP)

FB: Cache The Line
Instagram: TheBruce0
Twitter: Cache The Line
Email: thebruce@cachetheline.net

Cache Highlight: “GC9B8AK
Cache Highlight: “GCWD13
Cache Highlight: “GC2D5CP

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