S2E19: The Geocaching Vlogger

Many of us have heard of Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger and seen his videos (if not, check it out, he’s got some cool ones). His excitement and love for the game shows in this videos and and you can hear it in his voice when he talks about it and its contagious. This episode I talk with Joshua and hear the story of his first ever geocache find, how his vlog got started, and his love of geocaching.

Places and Things Mentioned
ET Highway
The Geocaching Vlogger (YouTube Channel)
Driving Miss Daisy Geocache (Video – The Geocaching Vlogger)
My Fair Lady (Video – The Geocaching Vlogger)
Formula Cache (Video – The Geocaching Vlogger)
Fire Breathing Dragon (Video – The Geocaching Vlogger)

FB: The Geocaching Vlogger
Instagram: @GeocachingVlogger
Twitter: @GeocachingVlogs
Email: geocachingvlogger@gmail.com

Cache Highlight: “Bridges and Arches of Central Park
Bridge and Arches of Central Park (Video – The Geocaching Vlogger)

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