S2E12: Geocaching Mega Events

Event caches are a special type of geocache where cachers get together to talk, swap stories, and have fun. But what exactly makes an event a Mega and what are they all about? Join me, Shadowdragn1, as I discuss what a Mega event is and share my experience of my very first ever Mega event, MOGA 2021. I also talk to my son, Bubby, to hear what he thought about MOGA as well.

Places and Things Mentioned
Owensboro, KY
BBB Geotour
Smother’s Park
– GeoWoodstock 4 (GCRRC6)
– Geocaching Multi Event (GC10A6Q)
– Geowoodstock VIII (GC1QM7K)
Giga and Mega Event Bookmark List
S1E14: Signal the Frog
S2E5: MaxB on the River – Travel Bug Tours
Signal the Frog Trackable Page
Signal the Frog Locationless Cache
Mega Even Application

An Inside Look into Mega and Giga Events, geocaching.com
Mega Event Classification, geocaching.com
MEGA Event, wiki fandom
Side Events for Mega and Giga Events, geocaching.com

Cache Highlight: “MOGA 2021

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