S2E7: Night Caches

Geocaching is most often done during the day but some caches are made to be searched for at night. Join me this episode as I take a look at night caching to find out what they are, how to to determine if a cache is a night cache as well as tips for finding and placing night caches.

Places and Things Mentioned
Finding Night Caches (Video)
Night Cache Kit Unboxing (Video)
PVC Pipe with LED’s Creative Cache Build (Video)
S1E9: Advice for Beginners
Point No Point Lighthouse

Night and UV Caches, geocaching.com
– “The Night is Full of Caches“, geocaching.com
– “So You Want To Place A Night Cache“, mdpgs.org
Night Caching Tips, Cache-Advance.com

Cache Highlight: “The Nigthsea Cache

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