Episode 22: Winter Caching

Here in the northern hemisphere we find ourselves in the midst of winter. Weather you’ve experiencing winter now or not we all experience some form of it at some point in the year. In this episode I share tips for winter caching as well as some geocaching alternatives for those who rather stay indoors during winter. We also here from some other geocachers as they share with us their tips for winter caching.

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Places and Things Mentioned
Cache Me If You Can Board Game
Cache Me if You Can Card Game
Whereisitnow (Podcast)
Geocaching Jangie Blog
Cache Canada (YouTube Channel)
Peoria Area Hidden History Series
Geocaching with Net88 and Friends (Podcast)

– “The 10 coolest winter geocaching tips“, geocaching.com
– “9 Tips for Winter Geocaching“, 50campfires.com
– “What do Geocachers do in the Winter“, Geocaching Jangie

Cache Highlight: “The Drive Shaft Man

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