S1E20: Stephen Mark Rainey – A Tail of Monsters and Geocaching

Stephen Mark Rainey is a geocacher and an author and has managed to combine the two. In this episode I talk to him about his book Ameri-Scare West Virginia Lair of the Mothman which features geocaching as part of the plot line and learn how he used geocaching as a way to help do research for the book.

Places and Things Mentioned
Ameri-Scares West Virginia Lair of the Mothman
Point Pleasant, West Virginia

– “Brining Light to a Mouth“, Monster Talk Podcast (Skeptical and scientific look at Mothman

Timestamp Outline
0:28 – Introducing author and fellow geocacher, Stephen Mark Rainey
12:55 – A look at the Ameri-Scare series
18:55 – Book overview
23:37 – Geocaching in Point Pleasant as research
40:51 – Where the book can be purchased
44:40 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “A Tail of Two Trails – Bedtime Story

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