S1E18: Derek from Behind the Cache – Creative and Gadget Caches

Do you love creative and gadget caches? Are you unsure of what they are? Looking for some ideas on how to create your own? Then this episode is a must listen. Derek from the Behind the Cache vlog joins the podcast to answer these questions and more.

Places and Things Mentioned
Behind the Cache (YouTube Channel)
Freedom Go Boom – Behind the Cache Footage

– “Gadget Cache“, GeoWiki
– “Creative vs Gadget Cache“, Behind The Cache

Timestamp Outline
0:25 – Introducing Derek from Behind the Cache
7:21 – About the Behind the Cache Vlog
11:35 – Definition of a creative cache
13:43 – Definition of a gadget cache
18:08 – Simple creative ammo can with shadow casting combination
22:16 – Simple PVC caches
28:21 – Where to get ideas for creative and gadget caches
37:00 – Water proofing
46:17 – Cache highlight

Check out Behind the Cache on Facebook and Instagram @behindthecache

Cache Highlight: “Freedom Go Boom!!!!

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