S1E17: Pathtags

Have you ever heard of pathtags? These little signature items are taking the geocaching world by storm. In this episode I take a look at what they are, how they differ from geocoins, and how to create your own. But what if you’re not very artistic? Not to worry, I’ll tell you where to find a freelance artist to help you create one.

Places and Things Mentioned

– “Pathtag“, Geocaching wiki
– “Pathtags“, Geocachers Compass
– “What are Pathtags“, pathtags.com
GCPC EPISODE 576 – Let’s Talk Pathtags with Trippy1976! (one of the founders of pathtags)
– “Pathtag Tutorial – The how To’s

Timestamp Outline
2:07 – What pathtags are
3:26 – How to order your own pathtag
5:04 – Deference between pathtags and geocoins
6:16 – How to find pathtags
7:45 – Ways to display pathtags
9:01 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Buzzzz

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