S1E17: Pathtags

Have you ever heard of pathtags? These little signature items are taking the geocaching world by storm. In this episode I take a look at what they are, how they differ from geocoins, and how to create your own.

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Places and Things Mentioned

– “Pathtag“, Geocaching wiki
– “Pathtags“, Geocachers Compass
– “What are Pathtags“, pathtags.com
GCPC EPISODE 576 – Let’s Talk Pathtags with Trippy1976! (one of the founders of pathtags)
– “Pathtag Tutorial – The how To’s

Timestamp Outline
2:07 – What pathtags are
3:26 – How to order your own pathtag
5:04 – Deference between pathtags and geocoins
6:16 – How to find pathtags
7:45 – Ways to display pathtags
9:01 – Cache highlight

Cache Highlight: “Buzzzz

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