Episode 16: Cody – Knox County Park District Geotrail

In this episode I welcome my first ever guest to the Podcast. Cody from the Caching with Cody vlog comes on to explain to what a geotrail is and tells us about the Knox County Park District Geotail that is featured in one of his vlog post.

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Places and Things Mentioned
Caching with Cody
Knox Country Park Geotrail

– “Geotours and Goetrails“, geocacherscompass.com
– “How to Find Geotour or Geotrail“, podcacher.com
– “Do It Yourself-Create a Geotrail“, geocaching.com

A big thanks to Cody for coming on the show! Check out Caching with Cody on
Instagram @Caching_with_cody
Email: cachingwithcody@gmail.com

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