S1E15: Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a fun mini game within the geocaching app. I love these mini games that ground speak puts out. To me it adds a fun element, a new challenge or goal that seems obtainable. I also love the fun souvenirs that you can earn in the mini games like Memory Lane. But how do you play, what do those souvenirs mean, and what dates does the game run? In this episode I tackle those questions to learn more about this mini game.

Places and Things Mentioned
Memory Lane Gameboard
Memory Lane: First geocache hidden souvenir
Memory Lane: First Mega-Event souvenir
Memory Lane: One million geocaches hidden souvenir
Memory Lane: 20 years of geocaching souvenir
Wabash Bridge, St Charles, MO.
Oak Grove Cemetery, St Charles, MO.
Steamboat Montana

– “Take a Trip Down Memory Lane“, geocaching.com

Cache Highlight “History Not to be Forgotten

You can learn more about the history of how geocaching started by listening to Episode 3: The History of Geocaching

Timestamp Outline
2:00 – What Memory Lane is and what it consist of
4:22 – How to participate
5:34 – How to track progress
6:18 – Cache highlight

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