S1E15: Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a mini game within the geocahcing game. But how do you play, what do those souvenirs mean, and what dates does the game run? In this episode I tackle those questions to learn more about this mini game.

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Places and Things Mentioned
Memory Lane Gameboard
Memory Lane: First geocache hidden souvenir
Memory Lane: First Mega-Event souvenir
Memory Lane: One million geocaches hidden souvenir
Memory Lane: 20 years of geocaching souvenir
Wabash Bridge, St Charles, MO.
Oak Grove Cemetery, St Charles, MO.
Steamboat Montana

– “Take a Trip Down Memory Lane“, geocaching.com

Cache Highlight “History Not to be Forgotten

You can learn more about the history of how geocaching started by listening to Episode 3: The History of Geocaching

Timestamp Outline
2:00 – What Memory Lane is and what it consist of
4:22 – How to participate
5:34 – How to track progress
6:18 – Cache highlight

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